Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions we hear all the time. 

How long does it take to get my finished piece?

The typical turnaround time is one week. If you need your piece sooner, we will make other arrangements to have it to you when you need it.

Do you call when the order is ready?

Yes, we will call you as soon as your framing is complete.

Do you perform conservation framing?

Yes, we offer conservation framing.

What’s the turnaround time for JUST a mat or glass?

Orders of frame bits and parts can often be done within a couple of days.

What makes your company different from other Atlanta frame shops?

PFD frames are absolutely one-of-a-kind. We have the advantage of offering larger, unique moldings at lower prices than the basic frames offered by most Atlanta frame shops. The cost savings come from our business model and southern manufacturing and warehousing location, and we’re thrilled to pass those savings on to our customers! Our quality is always guaranteed and the service you receive is sure to keep you coming back.

Do you cater to bulk orders?

Yes. We can accommodate bulk orders.

I have a painting that’s rolled up. Do you stretch canvases?


How do you take care of my art?

PFD is very particular in how we handle your art. Each piece is stored flat on special racks until your order is ready to go in the frame.

What can I put in a frame?

Anything! The sky’s the limit – if you find it, we’ll frame it. 

What if I’ve already got a picture and want it reframed?

Not a problem. If it wasn’t done right the first time or if you’re just looking for some change, we’ll help you find the perfect combination and deliver on it.

Do you frame artwork yourself?

Yes. All framing is done in-house. The art does not leave our property.

Does your company manufacture its own frames?

No, we do not manufacture our own frames. The frames we offer come from different sources.

Do you sell prints or other artwork?

PFD has a limited selection of art that we sell in our showroom.

Does Picture Frame Depot cater to high-end framing only?

Absolutely not! Whether it’s a basic poster or fine art, we have a frame to cater to your needs! Our quality will ALWAYS be high-end, but our frame offerings suit any budget and any type of artwork.

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